About Us

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Credit Risk Brokers (CRB) is one of Ireland’s leading specialists in Credit Insurance and Surety Bonds. We are also a founding member of Farosol, a global alliance of leading brokers.

Our offices in Dublin and Belfast are led by Michael Raleigh and John Simpson respectively. Both men are pioneers of Credit Insurance in their regions, with extensive experience as brokers and policy holders.   It is widely recognised that Michael is one of the leaders of credit insurance in Ireland, bringing Namur, Cobac and NCM into Ireland back in the early 90s, and founding several leading brokerages and alliances since 1989. Likewise, John has over 20 years experience as a credit insurance specialist in Northern Ireland, founding and developing a leading brokerage, and he is still recognized as one of the leading figures in this sector.

From Dublin and Belfast, CRB serves companies across the island of Ireland, finding and winning the most favourable credit insurance terms for your business from some of the world’s leading insurers.

We work with sole traders through to large multinationals across diverse sectors, helping our clients to trade with confidence domestically and internationally.

We minimise risk by delivering accurate credit checks and responsible credit management and credit protection.

We help our customers to build confidence, increase momentum, improve cashflow and ultimately grow successful, thriving businesses.

Our services are viewed by Banks and Lenders as responsible financial management tools, so our policies can assist you in winning access to funding.

Most importantly, we are more than an advisor or a consultant. We partner ‘hands on’ with your business to remove the administrative burden of dealing with collection agencies and insurance companies should you need to make a claim for bad debt.  We are the experts so you can leave that to us!

So, why not reduce your bad debt provision, remove the fear and trade with confidence by Investing in Credit Insurance.

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