How We Help You

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As your expert credit insurance partner, CRB works for you, not the insurance company. We negotiate on your behalf on all aspects of your policy.

This professional service includes tailoring a policy to your specific needs, meeting cost expectations and levels of cover with a simplified process that doesn’t interfere with your day-to-day business.

So, how would you like to..

  • Protect balances due on outstanding invoices
  • Minimise risk of bad debt
  • Reduce your administrative burden
  • Win favourable terms and facilities with banks
  • Increase competitiveness and explore new markets
  • Improve cashflow and profitability
  • Grow and trade with confidence

Our experts can deliver these benefits for your business through a comprehensive end-to-end service spanning:

  • Gathering of quotations from global insurers, selection of insurer and guidance on policy
  • Due diligence advice, customer intelligence, credit checks and credit management
  • Management of bad debts and insurance claims

Add to this the fact that our service if FREE, then perhaps now is the time to consider talking to CRB!

Get in touch to let us help you to trade and grow with confidence.